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Where the Heck Did the Summer Go?

As I sit here on Labor Day, September 4, 2023, it is raining outside (has been since late yesterday) and Fall is definitely in the air. It seems that as I age, time seems to race at an increasing velocity, but still I wonder, where the heck did the summer go? The only semblance of accounting for the fleeting days of summer is to consider some of the achievements of a few of the Revilo dogs across the country which do verify that indeed, this summer has been a full one.

Memorial Day, is the unofficial beginning of summer here in the United States and our Memorial Day weekend saw several of the pups from our most recent litter leaving to their new homes. This litter was the result of a repeat breeding between Quinn (FC AFC Horsetooth's Penalty Shot X Revilo's Elle On Wheels) and Sunny (FC AFC Moody's Nitz X Revilo's Boogie Nights). As with the first litter we were very pleased with these pups who showed us everything we could hope for in a litter. They were a healthy, lively bunch, who learned quickly and were very anxious to try new things. Very good looking pups, with a high level of intelligence, just like the first litter. It has been exciting to follow their progress with their new owners and we look forward to following their accomplishments. They have all proven to be precocious pups who learn quickly.

Speaking of learning quickly and adapting to new situations, this has been a busy summer for two females from the previous breeding, Emerald and Hope, who are owned by Lisa and Tim Traub of Wisconsin. These girls are involved in some activities that I know very little about but have shown exceptional talent and athleticism in accomplishing high standards in all three disciplines of dock diving: air retrieve, hydro-dash, and distance. They are also titled in FASTCAT, Scent work, Agility, Barnhunt, Crazy 8's, to name a few. As of mid summer they had earned 60 titles between them (see list at the end of this article). Considering they are only 18 months old, a pretty remarkable achievement, indeed.

(Emerald Dock Diving)

Emerald and Hope are blessed to have the company of another Revilo dog, Emmy (FC AFC Horsetooth's Penalty Shot X Revilo's Boogie Nights) owned by Nancy Lewin of Wisconsin as well. Emmy is a extremely athletic female, with a tremendous amount of go and very high intelligence who has excelled in the same disciplines as listed above. In addition, she has competed in field work and placed second in the only informal field trial she has run to date.

Following the accomplishments of Emerald, Hope and Emmy this summer has been very fulfilling as the multi-discipline achievements of these three dogs attests to the "up for anything" attitude of Labs. One of the qualities that makes the breed so popular is their yeoman approach to any task. If you want to try it, rest assured your lab will be up for it. Couple that attitude with high intelligence, athletic ability, with more than a little drive and the result is a dog that can perform with the best of them in many disciplines.

(Hope running the Speedway)

My retriever experience is totally within the realm of field events and I know next to nothing about the events that Hope, Emerald, and Emmy compete in, but it is nonetheless very gratifying to me as a breeder to see dogs that I have bred excelling in such a cross section of events as I deem it a verification that the traits that we value contribute to a well-rounded dog in whatever area its owner chooses to pursue.

Speaking of field events, not to be out done, one of Emerald and Hope's littermates, Jake, finished his CKC Junior Hunt title in three straight tests at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan a few weeks ago. Jake is owned by George Duffy, of Wainright, Alberta, Canada. George has a long history with Labradors as a breeder and trainer and is very pleased with Jake and his abilities.

It is always gratifying to me as a breeder when someone like George, likes the dog they purchase from our kennel because, that person has a history that enables a comparison of great dogs from years gone by with our current dog. We all know that the passing of time enlarges the talent and capability of dogs of yesterday, so when a current dog manages to fill the paw prints of one of the late, great ones it is very validating.

Jake, Emerald, and Hope have another litter sister, Maddie, owned by Guy and Renee Gnatek of California, who will be making her hunt test debut in a few weeks at an AKC event near San Diego, California. Maddie and Guy, train all winter with a group that includes some Canadians, near their home in Blythe, CA so they have benefited from great mentoring and it will be exciting to see how they fair in their debut.

So summer has flown by, but when I stop to consider the accomplishment of Revilo dogs over the course of the fleeting days, indeed, we have crammed a lot into those days. I am very grateful to people like, Tim and Lisa, Nancy, George, Guy and Renee, and the many other great owners we have been blessed to place our dogs with over the years. Without great owners, our program would be nowhere. I have always said that the secret to breeding good dogs, is great owners and I truly believe that more than ever. Even with the advent of autonomous driving vehicles, we are still a long ways from the dogs being able to drive themselves to the venues to compete. Even though these dogs are talented and intelligent and athletic, they still need training and coaching. They need proper feeding and care. A Labrador without its people is like a fish without water. After all, most of what they do is to please their people, ribbons don't mean much to a dog.

(Hope running in the "Fast Cat")

The following list was compiled by Emerald and Hope's owner, Lisa Traub:

Not including any certificates, here are their current titles. There are 60 earned so far between Emerald and Hope.

AKC Trick Dog Novice (10 tricks):

Emerald and Hope both: (TKN)

AKC Fast Cat (100 yard dash):

Emerald and Hope both: BCAT, DCAT, FCAT

Emerald is one run away from FCAT2.

AKC Coursing Ability (600 yard course):

Emerald and Hope both: CA (1st coursing title)

AKC Scentwork:

Emerald: Interior Novice (SIN), Exterior Novice (SEN), Container Novice (SCN)

Hope: Container Novice (SCN)

CPE Canine Scent Sport:

Emerald and Hope both: CSS Level 1 Title (CCSS-L1)

Emerald and Hope both: CSS Level 2 Title (CCSS-L2)

CPE Speedway (agility):

Emerald and Hope both: Speedway Elite-C-SWE

Hope is one run away from her next Speedway title.

CPE Agility (standard agility and a variety of games):

Hope: Fun Games Title (Full House and Jumpers Level 1)

NADD Dock Diving:


Distance: DJ (Dock Junior), DS (Dock Senior), DM (Dock Master)

Hydro Dash: HDS (Hydro Dash Senior)

Air Retrieve: AM (Air Retrieve Master)

NADD Dock Diving:


Distance: DJ (Dock Junior), DS (Dock Senior), DSA (Dock Senior Advanced)

Hydro Dash: HDJ (Hydro Dash Junior)

Hope is one run away from her AS (Air Retrieve Senior).


Emerald and Hope both: RATN (Novice), RATO (Open), RATS (Senior), RATM (Master), RATCH (Champion), RATCHX (Champion X), RATCHX2 (Champion X2),

Barnhunt Crazy 8's:

Emerald and Hope both: CZ8B (Bronze), CZ8S (Silver), CZ8G (Gold), CZ8P (Platinum), CZ8PB (Platinum Bronze), CZ8PS (Platinum Silver), CZ8PG (Platinum Gold), CZ8P2 (Platinum 2/Double Platinum)

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