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New Litter Set to Land!

Quinn and Sunny were whelped a day apart, three years ago this past November right here at our kennel. It has been a delight to watch them grow and develop into the fine adults that they are now.

Quinn is owned by my son Wade and definitely takes after his sire Deke in looks and talent. He is about 75 lbs and is a very handsome boy. His focus on birds is astounding coupled with outstanding eyesight that makes him a tremendous marking dog. He has a great deal of drive which translates into courage in the water and as a young dog was doing some impressive water work at under a year of age. He uses his size and strength to make short work on crippled, large Canada Geese and has no trouble with them. In the house or any time he's not in the field he is very quiet and Wade describes him as the most tractable dog that he has ever been around. That is saying something because Wade has been around a few being raised with dogs since he was a toddler.

(L-R Duke, Quinn, Sunny, Elle)

Sunny lives here at our kennel and is my pride and joy - I just love her. She is a beautiful 65 pound yellow who has her mother's (Boo) sweet temperament. Like Quinn she has an unstoppable work ethic and will train all day every day. She possesses tons of drive and also loves the water. She too has great eyes and marks well. I don't think I have ever owned a more athletic dog than Sunny and would describe her as poetry in motion when she moves and does she ever move. She loves attention and is a very affectionate dog with a strong desire to please and be a team player.

It is exciting to combine Boo (Revilo's Boogie Nights) and Elle's (Revilo' s Elle on Wheels) lines. Both of these dams have been excellent producers for us. This combination has allowed us to tie into some of our old bloodlines through such dogs as, FTCH AFTCH Revilo's Cutting Edge, FTCH AFTCH Revilo's Y2K Microchip, and FTCH Revilo's At Full Tilt CD. In addition, FC AFC Tartan Prime Time is found on Quinn's top side and on Sunny's bottom side. We have had some success on doubling up on him in our lines.

We are anxious to get this litter on the ground and watch these pups live up to our expectations. If you are looking for a sound prospect with the traits of intelligence, looks and temperament then give these ones a look.

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