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Exciting Announcement - Jammer First Editions

We had a new litter born out of Sunny and Jammer. The litter was whelped on August 15, 2022 and contained two males and two females, all black. This is the first litter that Jammer has sired and we are very excited to have it on the ground and full of anticipation regarding the talent of these pups. What impressed us from the outset is the uniformity of the pups, they are literally peas in a pod. Particularly exciting is that Sunny's first litter out of Quinn are now eight months old and we are getting very enthusiastic reports about their talent and trainability

Would you breed to a dog that earned 21 derby points in very limited campaigning, earned his FC in short order, was number 5 in the Purina Standings with 24.5 points in 2021, was number 9 open dog in the U.S. in 2021 with 19.5 open points, was a National Open Finalist in 2021 and had an impeccable pedigree? I would and I did! His name is FC Jimaviche's Hollandaise Jammer. I first noticed Jammer while visiting Horsetooth Retrievers in Wellington, Colorado a couple of years ago. I was drawn to his looks and the way he trained. He is a handsome fellow, very intelligent, a fantastic marker and plenty of style. When I inquired about him Marcy and Kenny told me that he was owned by Bobby Lee of Texas and that they had acquired him in training from a hunt test trainer who recognized his talent and recommended Jammer for field trials. Interestingly, Bobby owns Jammer's sister and has trained her an campaigned her on his own and has done well with her as well.

In considering who I might breed Jammer to, my thoughts went to Revilo's Night to Day (Sunny). The more I thought about this cross, the more excited I became. I felt that the two dogs, complimented each other very well in their characteristics, especially their strengths. Sunny is also a very intelligent dog, a great marker and is very heady in the field, always thinking. I like the looks of both dogs and both are extremely athletic. Sunny is a extremely strong in the water and her offspring have shown to carry that trait.


When I inquired about the possibility of breeding to Jammer I was told that he had never been bred before which was a bit surprising to me. He is the son of Ed Aycock's great FC AFC Trumarc's Hollandaise (Holland) who accumulated 140 all-age field trial points. Holland was also a good producer, with at least six offspring with FC's or AFC's. Holland comes from a very strong female line through Judy Aycock's FC AFC Trumarc's Lean Cuisine, back to AFC Candlewood's Ms Costalot, to NFC AFC Candlewood's Tanks Alot (Lottie). He is also line bred on Lean Mac which I like and goes back to a great dog FC AFC Esprit Playin' For Keeps who I bred my old female Sally to back in the day and I loved his pups.

On his bottom side, Jammer goes back to another strong female line through FC AFC Riparian Mariah to FC AFC Del's Hi Kasie to FTCH AFTCH Del's-Hi Ginny. Ginny was a great producing female (8 FC's or AFC's) and her female progeny can usually be counted on to bring much to the table. Mariah also ties into a great Super Chief line-breeding through her sire FC AFC Black Gold's Kate's Rascal. Through FC Riparian Windfall we also tie into FC AFC Blackwater's Rudy MH who was a leading sire of Derby dogs in his day, producing at least FC AFC titled offspring.


Sunny's pedigree is also full of strong producing lines, especially on the female side with Revilo's Boot Scootin' Boogie, NAFTCH FTCH Free Trade, FTCH Revilo's At Full Tilt CD, and Hayseed's Ladi of the Night MH. One example of how these two pedigrees tie into one another is through FC AFC Tartan Prime Time. His dam, FC AFC Perpetual Motion Piney is out of FC AFC Riparian Rhapsody who is the daughter or FC AFC Riparian Kasie back to FTCH AFTCH Del's-Hi Ginny. Another example, is FTCH Kane's Rare N' Able is the littermate of FC FTCH AFTCH Damn Yankee II, who is the sir of FTCH AFTCH Revilo's Y2K Microchip and FTCH Revilo's At Full Tilt CD. Of course the FC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed line through Revilo's Boogie Night ties into the top side of FC AFC Riparian Mariah's pedigree.

So you see, the two pedigrees are very complimentary of one another and should result in some very talented offspring although the breeding between Jammer and Sunny is not as tight as most of my breedings.


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